Online Learning Years 4, 5 & 6

Creating a Mandala 
Today we’ll be creating a mandala. You may have seen these before in colouring books. Well today we’re going to make our own! We’ll start by drawing around something small and round like a bottle top or a roll of sticky tape. Then we’ll carefully add patterns around the inside and then the outside. I have created a video on our Art Blog Remember to keep your patterns small and to only use a pencil. You can create beautiful patterns just by using simple shapes.
Shape, Space and Shading! 
Using your expertise on shape and space, we are now going to introduce shading to our compositions. So let’s take out our new 2B pencils and start shading to make our shapes look 3D. I have added a video to help you at Like many of our previous lessons, start off with small empty squares. You could draw around something or measure them out. The empty squares should be slightly bigger than a post-it note. Keep in mind that you will have a better shading technique if you keep your pencil movements slow and small. This lesson is all about pencil control!
Tips and Advice for Staying Happy during Online Learning! 
Today we’re going to practice our sketchnoting skills. We’ll be creating a visual recording of our advice for staying happy during online learning. You can do the task in pencil or you may add colour if you wish. Let’s try and fill up a whole page in our sketchbooks. You may use words as well, but remember it’s more about getting the message across in a clear and interesting way. The artwork does not need to be a masterpiece, this is more about communicating ideas. Best of luck!

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