Chris Gadbury is currently teaching visual arts at Renaissance College, Hong Kong.

Chris has worked within the Primary Years Programme since 2008 both as a Class Teacher and a Visual Arts Teacher. He is the author of ‘Guided Inquiry Journal for Students‘ published by Toddle and has designed resources for organisations such as World’s Largest Lesson and Managebac. Chris’s illustrations are featured in a broad range of educational publications including Nautilus Gold Award Winner ‘WorldWise Learning‘. His most widely recognised poster ‘Making the Enhanced PYP Simple’ can be seen on the walls of IB schools around the world.

Chris is regularly commissioned by the United Nations as a sketchnote artist and enjoys teaching both students and teachers how to take visual notes and record their ideas using pictures and symbols.

Chris has created several online storybooks which are used by teachers globally. His most popular series ‘The Shape of Things Right Now’ aims to break down social and environmental issues to younger audiences allowing them to see the world through a fresh perspective. His stories are available free on his website, and they were the topic of his 2019 TEDx Talk ‘Shaping a better world through storytelling’.

Chris has been a presenter and workshop leader speaking on topics such as creative and divergent thinking. He has also held online webinars, his most recent to date through Toddle entitled ‘9 Ways to become a Super Creative Teacher’.

Throughout his teaching career Chris has created vibrant graphics and funky fonts resulting in more student enjoyment. Chris shares his daily art lessons on his website where he creates quirky videos to keep his students engaged.

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