Home Art Lesson 2

Today we are inquiring into ‘Pixel Art’ as well as French Urban Artist ‘Invader’. In 2015 Invader put on an exhibition at PMQ in Central. (Below is Mr. Gadbury at the Art Gallery)

You can download the PDF on the link below

Think about how you could take your work further? What materials could you experiment with? How could you make your work stand out from everything else?

One thought on “Home Art Lesson 2

  1. Mr. Gadbury, may I just express my unabashed devotion to your fabulous artlook on teaching. You are a complete ROCK STAR and I really appreciate getting to peruse your website. I teach art remotely in Santa Barbara, California and your blog has been a huge, joyous inspiration during “this time.” Thank you for being an original, and for sharing your projects for all to admire!

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