Home Learning Starting Monday 24th of February

Hi everyone! This week Mr Gadbury has turned himself into a cartoon! But don’t worry! He still has a fantastic art lesson for you. Remember though, this week you are going to upload you art work onto your Seesaw account so that it’s much easier for you to manage all of your brilliant work in one place.

Today we are looking at Tessellating patterns. I’ve been chatting with your class teachers who tell me that you have been learning this during maths class and that you are really quite good! I would like to introduce you to a Dutch Artist called MC Escher who is famous for his amazing tessellating patterns. Watch the video below to learn a bit more.

Mr. Gadbury has a secret. He is fascinated (and slightly obsessed) with Character design. The shelves in Mr. Gadbury’s home are cluttered with small figures created by his favourite artists and he has a huge collection of books on the subject. Below is a video of some of his toys. The first group is by an artist called ‘Nathan Jurevicius’ and the second are a mixture of different artists by a Hong Kong company called ‘Toy2R’.

Download this Image if you are using an iPad to do your artwork. Hold down on the photo with your finger and click on ‘Add to photos’.

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