Home Art Lesson 1

Our First lesson after CNY! Hooray! I’m so excited to start this off! First of all, I’d like us to have a look at POP Art. Please take a few minutes to watch this video. Year One’s may have watched this already. It’s a good idea to watch it again to remind ourselves.

These brightly coloured oranges were painted by in January this year (2020) by our super talented Year One students. The Year Ones cut out pictures of oranges into wholes, halves and quarters a rearranged them. They then painted over them in bright colours and used special paint pens to add dots and lines to give a real Pop Art feel.

Our Lesson before the CNY holidays.

We used only the Primary and Secondary colours in our Pop Art.

  • Using a variety of paint as well as a different brushes to control and apply paint
  • Identify primary colours and undertaking simple colour-mixing

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