Hi Everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope you all had a nice relaxing (and well deserved holiday).  You all worked incredibly hard since the Summer holidays and so I feel incredibly fortunate to a part of your creative journey.  

It is such a shame that we don’t get to go back to school.  I know I miss all of you as well as my teacher friends in the school.  However, I always believe in making the most of every situation.  With this in mind I have had the whole holiday to come up with some art activities that you can do at home. 

I am aware that you probably don’t have everything that we have at school, both in the classroom and the art room, so I’m going to prepare some really fun stuff that you can do using just what you have around your house! If you have any questions or if your parents want to contact me, please do so through our school email.

Mr. Gadbury

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