Home Art Activities.

Part 2 – Home Art Activities Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 & Y5

Year 1 & 2

Print out the template. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. Today we are designing our own lettering. You can either make them all look similar (all your letters) like they belong to the same family OR you can have fun and think of as many different styles for each letter.

Year 3

Since we have been learning about bodies and how they all fit together, we thought it would be fun to do a bit of fashion design. I’ve created a template which features a really elongated body. Fashion illustration is often this way, to help show off the clothes. What you need to do is to cut out the template, stick it together and then either draw out some clothes and stick it on, or make some from newspaper or magazines.

Year 4

Look at the boxes below. Draw out your own boxes and try to create different textures inside the boxes. Can you create a smooth texture? A rough texture? A bumpy texture? What other textures can you create?

Year 5

It’s never too early to think about exhibition! Presenting your notes can be a bit dull sometimes, OR it can be a lot of fun! Mr Gadbury has created a Webinar he would like you to have a look at. You don’t have to watch it all the way through as it is an hour long. However, you may want to watch the first 15 minutes and get some ideas about sketch noting and even make some notes of your own.

When it Asks for a name or email please don’t use your own.

Use the following:

First Name – Chris

Last Name – Gadbury

Email – cgadbury@vsa.edu.hk


Part 1 – Home Art Activities Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 & Y5

Hello to all our wonderful VSA artists! 
It’s such a shame that we will miss a lesson of art this week, however we have planned some activities that we know you’re going to love!
We thought that it would be nice if you could see what the other year groups are doing and if you were feeling particularly creative then you could try an activity from another year group as well!
We look forward to seeing you when we get back.  Please bring in your work when we return to school as we would love to see how you have done!  
Mr Gadbury & Ms Wasiak http://www.ArtLesson.Blog

Year 1

Last week you created some amazing patterns.  Today I would like you to use the same method to create your own pattern. It does not have to be a floral (flowery) pattern, it can be anything you like.  Start by drawing an image in the middle. Cut along the dotted lines so that you have 4 pieces. Put them back together so that the letters in the middle spell ‘Star’.  Draw another image over the top. You do not have to make multiple copies. One is just fine! If you need help watch the video below. 

You can draw out the box yourself or download and print from the link

Click to access cuttingsquares.pdf

Year 2

Below you can see last week’s lesson plan.  We learned about symmetrical shapes in nature.  Symmetrical means that one side is an exact mirror image of the other side. This week I would like you to think of another small creature that is symmetrical and try to draw the two sides the same. Some examples are bees, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybirds and caterpillars.  Remember this is art, so you don’t have to make them look real. They could have spots or stripes or whatever you want, but they MUST be symmetrical and colourful! Draw them about the same size as you did last week. 

Year 3 

Mr Gadbury has created a step by step approach to drawing faces, which he often uses when taking notes in meetings.  This is called ‘Sketchnoting’. Try the approach to draw heads and see if you can master this simple way of drawing. Experiment with different hairstyles and facial expressions. Try drawing boys and girls, old people as well as young people.   Challenge yourself!

Year 4  

  • Create a city. Look at the Illustration below done by a Year 4 student. Today you are going to design your own city.  Have a look at the cube shaped object and how the 3D shapes work. Print off the sheet from the link below. In this style of art, objects that are far away don’t appear any smaller as it is not based on real perspective. There is no vanishing point!

Click to access gadbury3dshapes.pdf

Year 5   

Over the last few weeks you have been doing some amazing pictures of shoes!  This week we would like you to look at a shoe in your own home and draw an observational drawing in a completely different style.  Remember that it is important to really look at things like laces and keep in mind they are not a perfect zig zag pattern. Use what paper you have at home, but make sure you use the full piece of paper (Start from one side and end at the other).  Here are some of your great pieces from the last few weeks. 

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